Have you

  • Used many hours or days trying to solve a technical, art or craft problem?
  • Studied the documentation and didn't find any solution? 
  • Posted questions on technical forums and received unsuccessful answers?
  • Searched the internet but didn't find a solution?
  • Checked for a youtube video for help?
  • Followed what everyone said or got confused because you could not find where to start?
  • Found solutions that only applied to other versions, releases or materials? 
  • Found books that were only at the introductory level?


I have been there and done that. Maybe one of our little books can help.  We will always say in the title what version of software this covers or type of materials used. These are short books on a specific topic  and have illustrations or screen pictures with arrows and explanations.  Go to the books listing and see if there is anything there that will help you.  We will be constantly adding to selection so come back to see what is new.